Analytics Professor

Several online courses will be posted here as the site progresses, including business statistics and predictive analytics (more to come). Most of the courses are taught at Grove City College and the content published here only include a sampling of the entire courses (e.g. I will not post exams and copyrighted readings to the public).

In progress:

Basic introduction to using Google Analytics. All lectures will be posted. We will emphasize the interpretation of GA insights in the context of business scenarios over the technicalities of setting up advanced features in GA. That being said, a few tech tips, especially regarding Word Press implementation of GA, are covered.

Finished courses:

With a focus on application, we leverage spreadsheets and SAS Data Miner to fit predictive models for a several business cases facing small to medium sized businesses.

A rigorous, though not overly-mathematical, introduction to Game Theory with an emphasis on how businesses can leverage simple models to improve strategy formation.

Typical business statistics introduction course differentiated by a focus on simulations with free Excel add-ins and expanded coverage of regression (1/4 of the course).