The below slider contains links to as well as brief explanations and ratings of free analytics software. A software package gets a high ranking if it is easy to use and provides unique and/or comprehensive analysis tools for the specific business/software context. More slides will be added periodically, with a goal of 5 slides by 2013. 

Network Visualization

LinkedIn's Network Visualization: Visualizes your LinkedIn network and automatically detects sub-networks or clusters of connections. Visually appealing and helpful!

Martin Hawkseye's Twitter TAGSExplorer: Tracks tweets by keyword, collects info about tweeter and recipient of tweet. Saves all data in a Google sheet, and visualization software provides movie-play features.

CASOS Modeling Tools: A variety of visualization and analysis tools; links them to other software on the market.

Network Workbench: Bundle of tools for studying networks, supported by Indiana University and a NSF grant.

Tulip: Written in C++, the software provides room for individual customization and expansion; graphics are amazing and continue to improve.

Cytoscape: Open source platform geared to bio techs, but plenty of opportunity for social and business network applications; community actively upgrades the software & adds useful apps.


Coming Soon…

Word Clouds

Sentiment Analysis

Excel Analytic Plugins

Financial Analytics

Open Source Programming Suites (Geeks only)