CAUTION – Below Analytics Definitions are meant for 4-eyes only! If you are not a geek, please proceed to the Managerial Analytic Definitions page.

  • bagging

    create a weighted-average of models, where each model is trained on a subset of the data.

  • chaid

    the chi-square automatic interaction detection method for building classification trees.

  • factor analysis

    reduce the number of explanatory variables by combining highly correlated variables.

  • logistic regression

    regression model for binary dependent variables.

  • machine learning

    broad set of artificial intelligence algorithms meant to uncover relationships in data structures with little-to-no human influence.

  • multinomial logit

    regression model for categorical dependent variables with more than two categories

  • neural network models

    learning algorithm that is inspired by the structure of biological neural networks.

  • ordered logit

    regression model for ordinal level dependent variables.

  • polynomial model

    model based on a weighted sum of one variable that is raised to different powers (e.g. aX + bX^2 + cX^3). is a great source for definitions, check out theirĀ statistics glossary.