CAUTION – Below Analytics Definitions are meant for 2-eyes only! If you are a geek, please proceed to the Geeky Analytic Definitions page.

  • business analytics

    the art and science of leveraging data across multiple organizations and people to improve business decision making.

  • text mining

    the process of determining valuable information from (often un-structured) text

  • time series

    a data set that has variation due to changes over time

  • scorecards

    a list that benchmarks an organizations key performance indicators to some predetermined goals.

  • cluster analysis

    creating groups or clusters of observations that are different across groups, yet similar within groups.

  • regression

    linear model of explanatory variables that explains one continuous dependent variable.

  • data mining

    a process that explores large amounts of data in search for consistent patterns or relationships between variables/observations.

  • game theory

    study of strategic and interdependent choice among more than one person (company).

  • a/b testing

    to test a marketing tactic where a control sample is compared to a test sample in order to improve response rates. is a great source for definitions, check out theirĀ statistics glossary.